Senior Living Services

An introduction to company key staff and review of organizational needs and objectives as well as an in-depth review of current programs and operations will outline the partnership with Excellence in Wellness. In addition, a detailed analysis of the investment in Excellence in Wellness Services may be conducted in order to map out the financial impact of enhancing programming and organization culture.

Excellence in Wellness Services

The following lists areas of excellence in supportive services. In addition, support services not listed may be designed in order to fulfill organizational objectives. 


Wellness Readiness Assessment

Benchmark organization readiness for current and future consumer needs and desires and recommend steps to move forward/change.


Facilitate culture Change

Facilitate and drive organizational culture change to align with current market trends and consumer expectations.


benchmark health assessments

Host and conduct health and well-being assessments to benchmark and track progress of outcome-based programs. 


wellness Program Analysis

Analysis of current programs and offerings, resident satisfaction, resident participation, and marketing opportunities.


Wellness program development

Facilitate Program Development, Implementation, and Quality Assurance of multi-dimensional wellness programs. Specialization in development of physical fitness outcome-based programs that support optimal aging and help support disease maintenance and prevention.


facility Management

Staffing and management of fitness facilities or fitness amenities within a community or organization.