About Excellence in Wellness

Excellence in Wellness, LLC was founded in 2013 to create and provide solutions to support older adults in their aging process in a proactive, healthy, and preventative manner. In a time of increasing competition for senior living communities, comprehensive wellness programs can help organizations remain financially fit by enhancing resident health and happiness, reducing turnover and healthcare costs, and strengthening staff satisfaction. The International Council on Active Aging describes “wellness” as optimal health and quality of life for each individual, while a culture of wellness enhances each person’s potential to live as richly as possible. Embracing and endorsing a multi-dimensional wellness model throughout an organization can boost the greatest return on investment (ROI).

Comprehensive wellness programs give senior living communities a marketing edge and a higher community profile, allowing them to attract more residents. In addition, well-planned and well-run programs are shown to increase occupancy rates and residents’ average length of stay, reducing the costs associated with empty rooms and high turnover rates. Research also demonstrates how short-term investments in comprehensive wellness programs and qualified staff can provide long-term benefits; stable occupancy rates, increased revenue, and reduced healthcare costs.

At Excellence in Wellness our objective is to support your organization in developing, providing, and quality assuring effective and desirable programs and opportunities to support optimal aging for your residents resulting in unique marketing opportunities, increased resident satisfaction, increased length of stay, reduced healthcare needs, and overall improvement of the bottom line.

About Kelly Stranburg

CEO Kelly Stranburg brings 20+ years of experience working with aging adults with 10 of those years specific to the senior living industry. Stranburg is the creator of award-winning wellness programs, author in senior living industry publications, and presented at the American Society on Aging, International Council on Active Aging, North Carolina LeadingAge, and Presbyterian Association of Homes & Services for the Aging. Stranburg excels in identifying opportunities to elevate organizations’ offerings and amenities and providing creative solutions to problems that support organization objectives.